Miguel Cotto vs Floyd Mayweather


Las Vegas–It might not be the fight of the century everyone has been waiting for but sin city awaits two of the biggest names in boxing today. The MGM Grand in Las Vegas will host the Mayweather vs Cotto fight.

On paper, this is the biggest fight after the Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao fight that is still yet to be seen. Due to promotor issues and enormous egos from both sides, the fight of the century might simply be a wish up in the air with an expiration nearing by. Despite the speculations, a reborn Miguel Cotto (37-2) is coming from a cathartic victory over Antonio Margarito who defeated the man from Caguas, Puerto Rico back in 2008. Margarito was later found guilty of loaded hand wraps when he fought Shane Mosley in his following fight. A shadow that has haunted Miguel Cotto for a few years.

After his loss to Manny Pacquiao by the way of TKO in the 12th round, many started predicting the end of Cotto’s career. The fight versus Pacquiao showed a side of Cotto rarely seen, dominated and beaten like never before. Almost three years later, Cotto has found the road back to the top of the mountain. This has earned him another huge fight versus one if not the best pound for pound in boxing today, Floyd Mayweather.


The man from Grand Rapids, Michigan is no longer looking to prove anything to anyone in the sport. ‘Pretty Boy’ Mayweather seeks to cement his name in the golden pages of boxing. Mayweather comes into this fight undefeated (42-0) looking to add another big name to his belt. Mayweather’s last fight was a very controversial win by knockout over Victor Ortiz last September. A knockout that came after a scuffle and separation by referee Joe Cortez who stopped the fight to talk to both fighters. Before you knew it, Ortiz was laying down looking at the ceiling after two vicious blows by Mayweather. Not the best way to win a fight but a win nonetheless.

The 35 year old Mayweather has fought seven fights in the last six years, which includes a two year retirement in between. While the 31 year old Miguel Cotto has 14 fights in the same amount of time. The fight between these two gladiators will set up the possible fight between Mayweather and Pacquiao for early next year, or a rematch vs Pacquiao, a fight Cotto has been seeking for some time now.

Punching power

The light middle weight champion Miguel Cotto who’s won 30 of his his 37 wins by the way of knockout, will come in with a slight advantage. Cotto has proven to have some dynamite in his hands and will look to hurt Mayweather with his power. The question will remain if he can stick to his game plan for 12 rounds if required. Let’s not forget that Cotto had problems doing just that versus Pacquiao and Margarito in their first fight. However, Cotto has expressed his reborn confidence after a huge win over Antonio Margarito in their grudge rematch. “I’ve closed that chapter in my life and now I move forward,” said Cotto. On the other hand, tactical mastermind Mayweather will look to out box Cotto.

Mayweather is known as one of the smartest fighters in the present boxing world. He will look to use his speed and unique defensive skills versus the puerto rican. Rarely has Mayweather shown any signs of weakness in his recent fight, a couple of rounds versus Mosley might be the exception. Even though Mayweather recovered beautifully and went on to win the fight with clear dominance. Mayweather isn’t known for punching power as he’s only won 26 of his 42 wins by knockout. Floyd will move up in weight class to face Cotto who is the best light middleweight. A move many experts of the sport say won’t be a factor for the man from Grand Rapids, Michigan. The fight will be fought at 154 pounds.

Oscar De La Hoya who runs Golden Boy Promotions said, “The time’s I’ve talked to Miguel and seen him train, he looks like a new fighter, he looks fresh.” De La Hoya was referring to Cotto’s new air of confidence after his victory over Margarito. The same Pay-Per-View will host Saul “Canelo” Álvarez versus future hall of famer Sugar Shane Mosley. This without a doubt will be the mexican born biggest fight in his career up to day. The experienced Mosley will look to put the first lose in “Canelo’s” record while the Mexican is looking to add a legendary name to his resume. Cinco de Mayo is indeed a huge boxing day for fans this year.

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