Mayweather is still money

Las Vegas- Floyd Mayweather defeated Miguel Cotto to become the new WBA junior middleweight champion but not without taking punishment like never seen before.

The crowd was ready, the moment of truth had arrived, could Miguel Cotto last 12 rounds with ‘Money Mayweather’ who said he made 32 million dollars last night, was the question. ‘Money Mayweather’ made his way to the ring with one of the most interesting entourages ever seen before. Rapper 50 Cent and pop sensation Justin Bieber carried Mayweather’s championship belts to the ring.

On the other hand, Miguel Cotto quietly walked towards the ring and kneeled and pray perhaps for a victory. The MGM Grand was about to be hit by one of the best fights fans have seen lately. As the bell rung, Cotto went after Mayweather, looking to pressure Floyd. A tactic ‘Money Mayweather’ isn’t a stranger to. Cotto was persistent looking for any opportunity to land punches on Floyd but it seemed impossible with Mayweather’s technical skills. Mayweather rolled away punch after punch and countered with quick and precise hits to the face of Cotto.

The first three rounds were all Mayweather as he landed more punches despite Cotto’s constant pressure. “Tough fight, what else can I say. We gave the fans what they wanted to see, blood, sweat and tears,” said Mayweather. An image of a bloody Mayweather was exactly what fans around the world were watching. The middle rounds seemed to go Cotto’s ways as he kept the pressured coming while connecting clear punches to the face of Mayweather.

After the fight Floyd said, “I knew he wasn’t going to lay down but I had a great camp that pushed me to push myself to the limit.” Something Mayweather hasn’t experience in quite sometime. Even after taking clear hits, Cotto kept working the body, kept throwing punches that led to a bloody nose for Mayweather in several rounds. Despite the pressure, Mayweather was simply more skilled, smarter and able to execute and adjust his game plan better.

In the later rounds, Mayweather turned the fight in his favor once again to come away with the victory. After the fight he looked for Cotto and told him, “You’re the best fighter I’ve ever fought.” On the screen it clearly looked that way, Cotto hurt Mayweather, pressured him and landed punches not many boxers have been able to land on Floyd. “He didn’t hurt me but he’s a good puncher, he didn’t just win 37 fights, he’s a tough guy,” explained Mayweather about Cotto.

The judges scored the fight 117-111,117-111,118-110 for a unanimous decision that improved Floyd Mayweather to 43-0 keeping him undefeated. As the decision came in, Miguel Cotto who fell to 37-3, left the ring and didn’t conceive any interviews. He later tweeted, “Nothing to be down about, I respect the judge’s decision but completely disagree.” Cotto said he left to his Sky loft to rest and didn’t attend the press conference after the fight.

During his post fight interview, Mayweather once again challenged Manny Pacquiao to a fight and told him to step into the ring with him. He proceeded to comment on the fact that he’s offered Pacquiao 20 million dollars out of his pocket in order to make the fight possible. Mayweather stated that he believes Top Rank promoter Bob Arum is the reason why this fight hasn’t happened. Floyd says there’s not many boxers for him to fight anymore and he would like to fight Pacquiao to give fans what they want to see. Pacquiao’s camp responded by saying they’re only concentrating on Manny’s upcoming fight versus Timothy Bradley.

Meanwhile, Floyd Mayweather get’s ready to serve a three-month jail sentence beginning June 1st.

In another note, after clearly beating future hall of famer Sugar Shane Mosley, Saul “Canelo” Álvarez made a challenge to any of the big names in boxing. After his fight, several media outlets began rumoring a possible match between the young Mexican star and Miguel Cotto. Albeit these are only rumors, they’re still very possible rumors for both fighters.

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